All Prices displayed on the website are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT). We advertise that motor vehicles may be purchased through us and paid for in instalments. Our suggested vehicle finance agreement consists of a loan for the purchase of the vehicle, to be repaid over an agreed number of months, subject to existing market related interest rate per annum and an agreed balloon / residual % which payment is due in full at the end of the finance period. Our suggested calculation / method of vehicle finance calculation is subject to change, without notice to you, and approval by the financial services provider (“FSP”). Please be aware that, in consideration of an application by you for vehicle finance, the FSP will consider your realistic ability to pay, creditworthiness and history and monthly payment obligations. The FSP’s assessment methods fall outside the scope of our business and we specifically deny having any influence or control over their decision, which, once approved or declined, will be considered final by us. The FSP may approve your application for finance, subject to an alternative structuring, for example a loan period of 60 (sixty) months at their chosen interest rate. We will present the FSP’s suggested loan offering to you for consideration but deny any liability, damages or loss incurred by you in choosing to accept a vehicle financing arrangement or any structuring. We strictly accept no liability for losses or damages incurred by you or any third-party in the event that the FSP declines to provide financing in the purchasing of a motor vehicle from us. We further deny the ability to provide or assist you with any recourse against the relevant FSP, should you dispute their decision or methodology. All ‘cash-back’ promotions shall only be effective, if you successfully qualify for and fully finance the selling price of the vehicle on promotion. We accept no liability for any misunderstandings, inconveniences, damages or losses incurred in this regard.